Saturday, May 28, 2005

Who will eat all the pies?

Iright delves deeper into the Nairn Pie world:
In case folk are no aware… 5 a day is the minimum recommended dose of fruit and veg we are supposed to eat. Good news (based on a strong rumour) that what was once ‘Pampered Pets’ shop is to offer Nairnites the chance to eat more fruit and veg, the only drawback is that ingredients will be wrapped in pastry and called pies. I wish this new venture well. Wonder if they will offer potatoes (fried) as well? Just what us healthy folk need!


Graisg said...

Nae chance, I'm sticking with Provost Park's pies. The tempting smell of his warm delights can often be enjoyed as it wafts its way over the town centre.
Don't bother there are no contendors for ur Sanday's throne!

Bill said...

Or, more precisely, Simon's (he is actually the 'pie-maker'); in my pre-Atkins diet days I had become an addict since moving to Nairn. Now I stick with the rib-eye steak (till code 627, for when the people on the counter forget, as they always have to fetch it from the back, it not being a widely-asked-for cut).

Anonymous said...

Graisg - I think you will find that Parkie was an employee at Brown the butchers, the pastry being made by a well known local bakery, don't tell me you didn't know..!

What about Hendry's pies in King St surely the best by a country mile....!