Thursday, May 12, 2005

At last: a Green campaign with its act together

After making little headway after a lacklustre effort in Inverness, Nairn and … and…and (you know the one that that David whatsisname, who voted for war, bloke got the boot from), it looks like the Greens are going for one to win and are using all the subliminal tricks in the book in the green pastures of Aberdeen Uni. Well he has his place in Scottish political history does Robin Harper but I mean he's not the ecological equal of Tommy Sheridan is he?


Nairn said...

Robin Harper has never struck me as being a desk thumper, not a shade of Green like the sunbed red our Tommy adopted. (IMHO) Mr Harper tends to get on with Green issues in a quiet but determined way. I am not sure if a militant take is the way forward these days, as anything remotely government threatening can be seen as an act of terrorism, and if not a jail term you can expect an ASBO to be slapped on you! So maybe the quiet but determined stance is the way to get issues across? Time will tell, and I'm sure Robin would make an excellent job of rector at Aberdeen Uni

Graisg said...

Just don't go out wearing a hoodie ;-)

Nairn said...

same reason you might venture out with a hat designed to cover a base ball (whatever that is :-)