Thursday, May 05, 2005

Breaking news: Carrot cake scandal knocks election off front page.

Nairnites were left reeling today at the news that carrot cakes were now 90p each in Ashers the bakers. Has Mr Asher decided to slip this one in under cover of the general election or is he genuinely trying to help carrot-cake addicts kick the habit? Or have the pricing team been infiltrated by Weight Watchers?
There is no doubt that whoever our new MP is tomorrow morning he will have to comment on this devastating news for the sweet-toothed.
Do you know anywhere you can get a cheaper decent carrot-cake?
At least the polling clerks will have some dosh and be able to afford the new price for a day or two. According to the BBC they earn:

'The clerks are paid £190 a day in inner London, £145 a day in outer London and £105 elsewhere. Presiding officers receive £275 a day in inner London, £205 in outer London and £175 elsewhere. Where there are local elections happening as well, poll clerks receive an extra £25 and presiding officers another £40. '
I've often wondered why they always are so cheerful in the Nairn polling stations!

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Nairn said...

I would say the carrot cake price hike was a shrewd poltical guess by Mr Asher, after all carrots are orange in colour and who won the local seat? True orange supporters are going to have to pay for their sweet tooth support!