Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Something better change, I said, something better change

Wow this election seems to be fizzling out on this final day of campaigning. One of the pundits said on telly that people are even afraid to admit that they will be voting: that is how un-cool and useless the whole present system has become. Roll on the next elections for the Scottish Parliament at least your vote is of more use and ends up reflected in what people really want. What a load of crap we've had to endure. This morning the icing on the cake when the BBC reported that Howard had said that Mr Blair wasn't responsible for the latest military death in Iraq. The whole show stinks. Many of the real issues haven't been debated: the continuing slow death of Planet Earth, new nukes for military and civilian use, membership of the Euro-superstate. This blogger is too pissed off with it to make any further comment.
Taigh na Galla orra!


Nairn said...

Pre election blues
Having seen what to me is the success of the PR, even if it is second vote in our Scottish elections, it is rather hard to support the 1st past the post general election. All that ever seems to happen (may change tomorrow) is that the 2 major parties slug it out. End result is that the party with the majority vote (which never really reflects how the total electorate have voted or not) wins. PR would at least allow more voices to be heard even if it meant the chance of a BNP MP, or heaven forbid a member of the Publican Party smoking home!
PR even might cure to a degree voter apathy; at least your vote would really count.
The election campaign this year though really has been poor in terms of the media, and indeed the parties themselves resulting to almost playground behaviour. Banding liar about the place makes me distrust them all.
Politics is now about big business, the USA, and little to do with you or me.

Garry said...

I think there will be a huge PR campaign getting started after the election. Make My Vote Count will be leading the way but I reckon lots of Bloggers will be getting involved too. I know I will be.