Tuesday, May 17, 2005

The Wallace Grandstand

Iright spots something else while out on patrol:
Days after the famous Nairn icon the Wallace Bandstand lost part of its roof in a winter gale, the council acted swiftly and surrounded the building with railings to keep us out an the remaining roof was made secure. Months later the bandstand is now encased in scaffolding, ladders, and green mesh. I think most Nairnites had visions of a man going along with a ladder and some lead to do the repairs, but obviously our council has greater plans. My guess at the moment is that the Bandstand is being much expanded to provide a top notch grandstand for Nairn games. This to be followed by a World Cup or Olympic bid next year when the Links tea room will become an International sports centre, oh and the cricket pitch will be upgraded to rival Lords – pretty exciting eh!


Graisg said...

Surely it is not going to be a holding centre for those citizens that keep putting cardboard in their blue boxes? All to be issued with garish overalls and the legend
'recycling failure' in fluorescent letters on the back.
It is about time something was done about them! Let's humiliate them and make them learn the error of their ways!

Graisg said...

They're always struggling to get members so if you fancy emigrating lots of Gàidhlig in Nairn you know(at times)- hope to get bi-lingual signage on the humiliation uniforms one day.
Seriously the cricket struggles but wow the lawn-movers they have are so cool, I just stop and speak to the groundsman (voluntary hero Fraser) everychance I get and drool over the Atcos :-)

Bill said...

As someone whose home overlooks the cricket pitch I can testify that the groundsman (Fraser) is amazingly devoted in his duties. He is also always there when they have training sessions either for existing cricketers or for youngsters who want to give cricketing a go. Only in the depths of winter is he absent for any length of time. That type of devotion you just can't pay for.

As for the Bandstand, they seem to be at work most days now - as I type this there are a couple of men atop the scaffolding platform; they've been there since just after 8am today.

Graisg said...

Hi Bill I hope you had a nice holiday, sun today but the emerging runner beans got whacked with the frost last night:-(
C'est la vie :-)
Yeah spot on, Fraser is an unsung hero of our community!