Monday, May 09, 2005

Local Green Party failing in its principles?

I can understand the main parties in their arrogance leaving their signs up until the council gives them a nudge or somebody writes a letter of complaint but that is the weekend after the election past and the party that wants to clean up the planet can't even be bothered to come into town and recycle its own posters. Dare to be different Donnie? I doubt if Nairn will hear much from the Green Party until the next elections! This blogger used to support them very much indeed but I'm beginning to think that all they want to do is get to Edinburgh and drive around in unleaded limos. If 'second vote Green' is to be the Holyrood slogan next time then get off your organic arses and do a bit more campaigning in the community and stop riding on the backs of the like of the general anti-GM activists and the wider environmental movement.


Nairn said...


Your comments seem a wee bit harsh to me in that there are other parties who have failed to take down their party litter in Nairn. Apart from the Greens I have seen Lib Dem and Conservative placards still adorning lampposts in Nairn this evening. Full marks to out SNP candidate (failed) who was spotted in Inverness today taking down his party’s lamppost messages.
I have been a supporter of the Greens in the Scottish elections, but supported the SNP in the general election just gone. My gut feeling was to vote Lib Dem in the recent election and give TB a hurt if not bloody nose (think this was the result most of the country wanted), but the SNP seemed to have a good chance of catching the Lib Dem vote.
Principles, principles… a vote for the Greens would (IMHO) have been a wasted X in this recent general election. No chance of a Green getting voted in and no PR. Most folk I talk with think the Scottish PR system is fairer but what presiding government in Westminster is going to adopt that system. None whilst they are in power!
But as a country that is prepared to go to war for democracy I guess our system must be really good? Best in the world even?

Graisg said...

My vitriol was based on posters in the High Street iright, where Don Cancer and Danny Boy MP and Donnie the Lamb are the only ones still up: even Davie Useless has got his act together on the poster front.
It must also be admitted that it is in part a ‘cri du couer’ for the Greens or somebody to get more radical on the environmental front and to also take an interest in some of the issues in Nairn at the moment. When the former Nairn Green Party got Roger Winter in as a councilor it was because there were campaigns on local issues and attempts at education on how the global and the local were the same thing. If Green party members want to be our elected representatives then they will have to go and do a few un-trendy things. One example: council house tenants in Nairn have been having their heating systems upgraded and this is led to a level of disruption in their lives which was uncalled for; Fergus Ewing was clued up enough to know what was going on and acted on it. Why couldn’t Eleanor Scott of the Greens been on the case too? (maybe she was for all I know but I must admit she is the only SMP that has failed to reply to an e-mail from me and I haven’t mailed more than 5 I think).
Do the greens expect environmentalists to vote for them like the sheep that vote Labour? Let’s have some action if you want the second vote Donnie & al! Elections are a great time to get your message across but how about some interest in some of the Nairn issues. What’s going on with the Sandown Lands and the Town Centre Development – anything? Fancy finding out for us? The regular politicians may have been working on it but I haven’t heard much said.

And how about a sentence or two of Gàidhlig on the next leafet!
Gurn, Gurn, Gurn...

Nairn said...

I am with you with regard the Green vote and their lack of action/presence in the last election. Their scant posters (in terms of numbers) were last to go up and no-doubt will be last to come down.
Eleanor Scott (IMHO) enjoyed success in the last Scottish elections on the back of the much-publicised Highland anti GM movement. (AFAICS) the Green movement is fractured in the Highlands by the arrival of wind farms. Whilst I am 100% behind such energy as apposed to nuclear, I cannot help but side with the cynical view that many such projects are being placed in sensitive areas so that nuclear will once again appear to be the favourable option.
On a local level not aware of any party being very public in doing anything (please tell me I am wrong)
Regret to say I see the stand by Donnie as a token Green stance, but very happy to be proved wrong (will eat an Asher’s carrot cake despite