Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Ballerina Ballroom Cinema of Dreams - a wee tickety gurn from Iright

(Some hopefuls without tickets waiting for the doors to open)
Anyway praise and a wee gurn for the Ballerina Ballroom Cinema of Dreams from our correspondent and co-conspirator Iright:
For those who have managed to acquire tickets for the Ballerina Ballroom Cinema of Dreams in Nairn count yourself lucky as despite what is stated on the ticket part of their web site (See below) it would seem tickets for performances have not been available on the door before the performance - this seems to be a licensing issue
3) During the festival itself, we guarantee that plenty of tickets will be available to buy on the door before each performance. Doors open 45 minutes before advertised start time. In the case of heavily over-subscribed performances, second screenings may be possible later in the day. Cash or cheques only, please. Fairy cakes welcome. '
An update on their 'news' section dated yesterday states that:
'Door ticket allocation
18 August 2008
Due to changes requested by the licensing authorities after we went to press, it has not been possible to offer the full 50 tickets per screening on the door as promised in our brochure. We apologise profusely for this and wherever possible we will do our best to screen films again, dependent on running times and licensing restrictions. '
The good news is that in just about all cases where there has been time an extra performance has been scheduled which is indeed a great credit to the organisers, with Tilda and Mark attending these extra shows, but some folk have travelled miles, prepared to stand in an early queue only to be told (Even if at the front of the queue) that tickets are not available for that performance, and through time constrictions have not been able to wait a few hours for the 2nd performance.
The event has been an unqualified success and would probably have to run for eight and a half months to get everyone who wants to see the films through the door, but making tickets on the door available meant that folk without internet access or didn't want to come to Nairn beforehand stood a chance of entry by queueing - seems fair but is obviously foul when it comes to the authorities. Please organisers (Tilda, Mark) change your website ticket information to reflect the real availability of tickets.
P.S - four days through and there is a definite resounding chant of 'we want a local cinema post the eight and half days of the festival' - anyone up for cinema manager then?
Let's face it I right, bureaucracy is not about creativity although it does have a public safety element tied in but have the authorities gone over the top this time? Anyway folks the Gurn recommends that you go and see at least one film before the festival ends and enjoy a unique, wonderful experience. Hopefully there will be more to come in the future and rules and regulations will not prove too much of an obstacle to further creativity in the Ballerina Ballroom


Anonymous said...

What exactly is the "licensing" problem? If the film copyright-owners have granted permission for public showings, it would seem perverse for them to constrain ticket sales.

Or is it the local municipal authorities who are raising obstacles? If so, why? That would be a spectacular own goal, given that the film festival is doing so much to raise Nairn's profile and bring visitors in. As Private Eye would say... "I think we should be told".

Graisg said...

Nothing to do with the film copyright folk anon. It's the authorities, the local ones without a doubt and as one web page points out


'The Environmental Health Section has a key role in enforcing and administrating a number of the licences that are issued by the Highland Council.

Miscellaneous Licences
Environmental Health carries out the administration and enforcement functions for a wide range of licences, which come under the category of ‘Miscellaneous Licences’.

IF you wish application forms, or advice, or wish to complain about a person undertaking one of the activities listed below
please contact your area Environmental Health Office

Animal Boarding – Kennels & catteries
Breeding of dogs
Caravan Sites
Dangerous Wild Animals
Game Dealers
Performing Animals
Pet Shops
Riding Establishments
Safety at Sports Grounds
Venison Dealers

Anonymous said...

In view of the earlier Gurn blogs about overflowing drains, methinks the environmental health authorities might usefully devote more time and effort to solving the sewage problems and rather less fretting about the length of cinema queues...

Anonymous said...

It is not unknown for Nairn to get queues outside other places of business:
Post Office (Christmas), Post Office (Harbour St, closure protest), News Agent (Lottery machine stuck), Ashers (Hot pies), Suppliers of hot chips (Volume of customers) etc.
So why pick on a cinema? Maybe the boys & girls in blue could have offered some support if there were safety concerns?
Did a business protest at the thought of having the public outside it's doors?
Ticket sales have been the only blot on the dreamy atmosphere of the festival so far - we should be told as to why?

Graisg said...

A pyjama-clad march on the Licencing authority would have sorted it in a flash!