Sunday, August 03, 2008

Tonight on Nairn’s information super single-track road

Rumour is rife in Nairnshire’s cyberworld as folk talk about a press conference concerning a major housing development that is believed to be being held in an hotel in the town tomorrow. What is remarkable is that this press conference (if indeed it is taking place) seems to have provoked an angry reaction even before it happens. Some folk seem to have a lot of information and preconceived ideas about what is taking place tomorrow. Better to wait and see cyber-citizens?

What might be equally as interesting as the press conference itself and the information revealed will be what one or two folk have to say about it. Will the Highland dead tree press corps put out a few feelers around the town for a bit of reaction? The Gurn feels that the debate about what sort of town Nairn is to become in the future is about to take one giant leap forward!

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