Thursday, August 21, 2008

Hamish remembers the Ballerina

All I can say about the Ballerina is that until the outbreak of war The room above the main entrance was used as the Nairn Museum. I never visited there but for as long as I can recall there was always a stuffed red squirrel in the window overlooking Gordon Street. A Mr. Fraser was the caretaker there and he lived in the building. His daughter Sheila was around my age.- probably a year younger ‘cos she was not in my class at school
Once a year The Police Ball was held there and the proceeds from that auspicious evening went to local charity to provide “tackety boots” for the poor of the town. I was the recipient of a pair more than once. We had to go to the Police Station at the end of Courthouse Lane and get a voucher from Inspector Stewart which we took to - I think the name of the shop was Rennies in the High Street to get fitted out.
I have a vague memory of being there with Mam – must have been before Jean was born in 1927 – to watch a magician perform. His name was Dr. Body and I remember being very frightened by some of his “tricks”
Thanks Hamish, we'll give that to the Cinema of Dreams squad for the collection they are building on the Ballerina's past lives. In another development we notice that even the Newsbleat team have noticed the festival goings-on in Nairn.
PS Hamish, you'll get a couple of pictures of the Nairnshire Constabulary of that era on this page on flickr.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks to Hamish for providing some interesting history. Nairn doesn't seem to have much in the way of historical books written about the town and the shire?