Sunday, August 10, 2008

Merryton Bridge woes - groundhog day!

The Gurn is getting really bored with this, reports are coming in that at least one manhole cover was allowing sewerage to escape again after this evening's heavy rain. The Gurn was down there towards dusk and it certainly looks as though there has been another event - just down by where the lagoon formed last time there is evidence of there having been another large puddle and the presence of a sanitary towel is another strong clue.
Come on Scottish Water, SEPA, Highland Council Environmental Health, get it sorted! Will this just become a fact of life? Please tread through this area on tip-toes and don't tell the tourists? Fat down the drains or not - what are you going to do? The Gurn likes to take pictures of nice sunsets and happy things and have lots of fun and be silly, and yet again we have to do our best to be serious! We've had our quota of being serious about this. You lot had better watch it - rumour has it that Councillor Graham Marsden will be back from holiday soon!
The Gurn is so bored with this that comments will not be accepted on this issue.

What can that white stuff that has come out of the drain be?

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