Monday, August 04, 2008

Nairn blogosphre: the Gurn calls for expansion

If the Gurn hasn’t published your contribution, then please don’t worry you can always do it yourself. Your own blog is just a few clicks away from creation.
It may be that you like to google PR companies and have a desire to tell the world of your research. It may be that you might think that Nairn sewers are not quite up to the task of saving us from the forthcoming global warming apocalypse. It may be that you have very strong ideas about what our councillors should or shouldn’t be doing. These are all specialist subjects and sometimes the Gurn prefers to simply be silly or satirical instead of serious. And, of course, it can take a lot of research to back up some stories, this is where the main stream people that give you information on slices of dead trees are of some use – sometimes, they are still worth a try.
So if you have a specialist subject and are inclined to talk about it, why not publish yourself? Fed up with the conventional media (including the Gurn) then become the media yourself and publish on-line. You could be an overnight sensation!