Friday, August 22, 2008

Brian Cox visits the Ballerina Ballroom Cinema of Dreams: ‘Time to give Cinema back to the people!’

Tonight before the second showing of Singing in the Rain, Tilda introduced Brian Cox who spoke briefly to the sell-out audience. He told them how the Ballerina reminded him of going to the cinema as a child in Dundee. He went on to say how he hoped that what had been started in Nairn would continue and spread throughout the country. He said, ‘For too long cinema has been in the hands of the wrong people and it was time to give cinema back to the people.’

Right on Brian! Wild cheers and applause even before Tilda and Mark climbed up the step ladders with the State of Cinema national flag. And then the safety information – in song tonight!

And the film, this BBCOD-goer was spellbound to see the movie on the big screen for the first time. With a cheering audience applauding all the songs it was nothing less than a liberating experience. Thank you Tilda – Cinema to the People!

(The safety information delivered in song)

PS: The Editor of the Gurn was sitting next to someone who worked on the conversion of the Ballerina to a bingo hall. He remembered the experience well because he told me how he fell through the ceiling during the work. His fall was broken by a bingo table however, and although he had a sore back for a day or two he was none the worse for wear. Another nugget from the goldmine of Nairn heritage that rests to be mined from the Ballerina Ballroom.

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