Thursday, August 07, 2008

Is there anybody that seriously thinks that major housing development can go ahead in Nairn without getting the traffic situation sorted?

At times during the evening rush hour traffic can reach saturation point on the western approaches to the town. Surely Nairn deserves a by-pass?
This is approximately the dividing line between two proposed major developments.
Looking towards Delnies this evening.

Traffic queues back to the Ardersier turn off. Picture taken at the former Delnies school.

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jayteescot1 said...

As always we can depend on the Gurn to highlight the things that really matter to Nairn.
Not only the issue of the new supermarket, but also the housing and traffic situation, all are extremely important and need a joined up approach by our politicians and planners.

I mused on the by pass for a while and did a few calculations on the benefits not only to Nairn but to the residents and the planet.
I would say it's safe to assume that at least 40,000 vehicles a day pass through Nairn on the way to Inverness/ Aberdeen.
Can you imagine the savings in time, petrol and carbon emissions if we had a bypass that shortened the distance even by a mile ?
No traffic lights holding up the traffic and wasting fuel.
Multiply this year in, year out, and the removal of virtually all the traffic lights in the town ?
Nairn would be a holiday town paradise !
The need for a bailey bridge would disappear, getting onto the high street from harbour street would be no problem for local traffic etc, etc.
Muse muse, sigh sigh! gurn gurn !