Thursday, August 28, 2008

Brooman's or Broomam's Well gets a big makeover

Things are looking good up the riverside below Whinnieknowe today, what with the Brooman(m?)'s well having been spruced up and nearby an industrious squad of Highland Council employees were installing a tasteful railing to stop anyone falling in the river along the part of the path with the steep rocky banks. Just one thing though, a regular to the riverside raised a small orthographic question with the Gurn, is it the Brooman's or the Broomam's well. The Gurn has to confess to always hearing an 'n' in conversation up until now so but maybe someone can give the definitive spelling?


Anonymous said...

where did the name for the well come from and what is the story of the well?njgrajen

Anonymous said...

James Brooman perhaps who was a gadener at one of the big estates after being discharged from the army at Fort George - medal from Peninsular War in Nairn Museum. His origins were in England but lived a long life around the area?? Perhaps