Sunday, August 17, 2008

Nairn is in Nairnshire!

Spelding gurns:

For all you hacks out there and dead wood press please note Nairn is in NAIRNSHIRE, not Inverness, Inverness-shire, Moray or Morayshire. Please get it right, we are a separate entity!


Anonymous said...

You might need to mention that it is in Scotland as well!

Anonymous said...

Well said. But many online address databases only offer Moray, eg. eBay. Nairnshire is not offered as an option. Not sure how we change that.

Bill said...

I share your irritation to some extent, but the 'Nairnshire' thing is, I believe, merely a marker from history - Nairn is in 'Highland Region' administratively speaking, the border of which (with Moray) nearest Nairn is just after Wester Hardmuir before descending the hill to Brodie Countryfare.

Your friendly pedant, currently in sunny Spain ;)

Graisg said...

Hi Bill, we had the sun too yesterday.
Now, Nairnshire, to me this is a small part of a bigger debate. A debate about what sort of community we want to be. If we want to remain Nairnshire then it starts in our minds and from there we can do anything we wish, the authorities will have to give us what we want instead of telling us what is good for us and how the world should be run. Recent planning events have politicised a lot of people in this town and I get the feeling that our local elected representitives will have to do a lot more listening if they want to stay in their jobs.

Nairn said...

Everywhere has their marker, even once new towns of the like of Cumbernauld, Livingston, and Irvine now have a history of some forty years, and I am sure wouldn’t like to be renamed?
I am not sure if Nairnshire was ever disbanded but apart from folk in Moray, our border is also with Inverness-shire and Highland Council still sees fit to put up signs proclaiming Nairnshire. It is miles better than living in say Central, and I still proudly proclaim Nairnshire when filling in my address.
Like Spelding I find it annoying when we are referred to as being in other geographic locations, especially by the press which can only point to poor research? The only downside of our location is that some carriers charge a premium,long live Royal Mail (Who don’t carry a surcharge for now)