Sunday, August 31, 2008

Jean Tolmie puts her hands up to orthographic howler

As reported on the Gurn recently it should be Brooman's well with an 'n' not an 'm'. Jean Tolmie, Chair of Nairn River Community Council told the Gurn that she offered her apologies for any confusion caused and that she had already taken steps to rectify the error and she added that she took full responsibility for the mistake.
In the spirit of this healthy display of municipal responsibility taken by Jean perhaps those who came up with the Blue Fag award and Higland (no h folks) Council on the bandstand might like to make themselves known to the rest of us? Step forward into the limelight and show yourselves! Jean's got the bottle to admit her mistake, have you?

PS: If anyone spots spelling mistakes on the Gurn then please accept a complete refund.


Spelding said...

Oops, Gurn, Jean should be spelt Jeanne! Do I get a refund?

Graisg said...

Yes Spelding, a full unconditional refund and a P45 tucked in with it too :-)