Monday, August 25, 2008

A Bobby called Tulips

Hamish doesn't recognise any of the Bobbies in this picture of the Nairnshire Constabulary from 1930 but following on from his recollection that Police Ball was held regularly in the Ballerina Hamish recalls names such as Inspector Stewart, Sgt Guthrie and Jimmy Allan. He recalls Jimmy going to the ducks with his dad and another policeman 'Duncan the Bobby'.
The Nairnshire Constabulary's transport was a green BSA motor bike and sidecar which was garaged in a shed near to the back entrance of the Caley. It was the Cawdor Bobby that had the nickname Tulips and Hamish saw him on the beat in Nairn from time to time. (picture will enlarge) Another picture of Nairnshire bobbies can be had here on Dave's flickr site.
Thanks Hamish

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