Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Nairn on the web

Iright has been surfing again:

The Gurn has brought us the highly amusing news in recent days of the Nairnshire Telegraph on-line. It is a great pity that this publication does not have a real web presence. Most folk read this weeks issue and then bin it (Hopefully recycle it). What a great resource Nairn would have if the Nairnshire was indeed a searchable archive (Hint, hint, someone). Surfing around to see what is on offer for folk wanting information about Nairn I found:
At first this looks like an excellent site but a little poking around soon exposes the fact that it has not been updated for quite some time. Calendar of events is for 2007, and the business directory contains details of companies that no-longer exist. One entry was for the restoration of clocks and barometers - intrigued I followed the link and found that according to this directory you should take them to to West End Garage! I could not find any details as to who runs this site but it is a shame that it is not kept up to date and it would be a good portal for information on Nairn


Graisg said...

Nice one Iright, a real piece of public service blogging if ever there was.
Now today as it happens the Editor needs a haircut so the 'Nairn Initiative' Database came as a godsend but what a dissapointment.

'0 Organisation(s) found that meet your criteria.'

A big blow and then I remembered that there was this wee place down by the Cinema of Dreams that just might be a barbers?

They could do worse that just give the whole website over to

Anonymous said...

Information on Nairn on the web?!

Have you not heard of the Gurn?

Anonymous said...

Could just let the Gurn do the job?

Anonymous said...

I understand that there is a rumour that a biscuit company might be offering sponsorship for this movie?

Graisg said...

No idea Ginger Nut, here at the Gurn 'It's not for fortune and it's not for fame.'
But we take free biscuits if Sainsbury's have got any left.