Saturday, August 09, 2008

Cinema of dreams newsflash

Cinema with a difference! here's a Ballerina Ballroom newsflash:
At the end of Singin' in the Rain, we don't want just to give a ripple of applause. We want to cheer. The same goes for lots of the other films we are showing. In France people whoop and boo at films, in the non-posh bits of American cities too. So, in our wee fest, we have decided that we would like to make noisy appreciation at the end of our movies and we would love it if you wanted to too. Our first thoughts were kazoos. Or balloons that we could burst at the end. But then our friend Phoebe suggested jam jars 1/4 full of dried peas, to rattle. We like this idea a lot. So, as well as your passion, humour, good will and cake, could you bring a jam jar of peas to rattle, or some other kind of noise-making instrument? Also if you have any of those glowy, torchy things that you get at Hogmanay or dodgy stadium concerts, they could be waved at the end of movies (though how that would work after The Bill Douglas Trilogy takes some imagining).

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