Friday, August 15, 2008

Filmfest: iright offers a poster idea to Tilda

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Our top correspondent and co-conspirator writes for the Gurn again:
There is a bit of a buzz about the town this evening. The new official Nairn Film Festival booking office (Our bookshop) has kept it's doors open late. Cars are parked on yellow lines, regrettably not for people to attend the new cinema but to obtain the usual Friday night carry oots and booze. None the less Ballerina Ballroom Cinema of Dreams is ablaze with light and life.
I have heard the organisers Mark and Tilda giving radio interviews today and read 'exclusive' interviews in the local press. There are many questions including probing ones asking if this will be an annual event to which there are guarded answers. I am more than impressed that the organisers just decided to get up and do it and wish them every success. One of the concerns of the interviews was that of seating but apparently there are now sofas and deck-chairs as well as the bean bags, and as the Gurn has already reported there has been a sign on the door to bring your own chair.
The last time I attend a small town cinema was as a child, Saturday matinees were a favourite. For some reason it was a tradition to buy boxes (Not tubes) of Smarties and pelt each other, the trick was not to get chucked out by the usher. The projectionist sometimes became a target when the projector broke down - to our boos. I also remember attending evening performances with parents, my mother was so taken with Cliff Richard's Summer Holiday we saw it twice! Later as a teenager I got into trouble for going to the cinema to see the Beatles Abbey Road. It wasn't the film my folks objected to but the fact that myself and my pals had chosen to go to the cinema of a lovely sunny summers afternoon. The cinema is something I truly miss, outfits like the Vue just don’t create the atmosphere. Long may we have a cinema in the town.
Another mention on today’s radio interviews was a comparison with the Cannes film event. We have the beach and nice boats in the harbour but I think the hope is that Nairn’s film festival will have all the good things but with no red carpet and other Cannes style trappings.
Have a look for yourself:
I did like the idea of their poster at Cannes - here is my effort for the Nairn Film Festival. I thought the logo should be that of bottom such is the concern about seats! I am sure the Gurn would like to see other folks poster ideas!?

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