Sunday, August 10, 2008

Sunday slow down

There is a school of thought that believes that jams in Nairn are just something that happens in the evenings (Monday to Friday). Well, here' s a picture showing the King Street roundabout at lunch time today (Sunday). Well behaved drivers wait their turn to enter onto the roundabout. (picture will enlarge)

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Anonymous said...

I heard someone say that there are six traffic lights on the A96 between Inverness and Aberdeen - and four of them are in Nairn. And they can't even synchronise those four!

The jams are forcing commuters to look for rat-runs - as illustrated by the traffic flow each afternoon on the Altonburn backroad that goes down towards the golf course then past the Newton and the Links.

Recently there was a traffic survey to assess the problem (!). Fat chance of getting sensible figures: they put a counter on that little ratrun, but not on the B9090 through Cawdor and towards Auldearn, which is now the favoured option for avoiding the Nairn traffic-jam.

How long before someone suggests a Ken Livingstone style congestion-charge for drivers transiting Nairn?