Friday, August 15, 2008

Tilda opens the film festival

Thanks to Iain Fairweather at for this picture of the opening ceremony of the Cinema of Dreams festival.
'FOR the next eight-and-a-half days, an empty upstairs hall in Nairn's High Street will become the venue for a programme of films of which any arts cinema would be proud.' States the Inverness Courier.
The Courier also states in a very interesting article 'Grassroots efforts need nurturing', 'In Nairn, we have a community which has done all the groundwork by conceiving and running three popular arts events which no monolithic organisation could ever have come up with. What it now needs is a modest amount of money to develop this success and the marketing clout of VisitScotland and others to spread the word.'
The Gurn has always believed that this town has the talent to do anything it wants and unfortunately it is often those who are paid to do things on our behalf that get in the way. Don't pay people to organise things for us - we can do it for ourselves - just give us the financial help without the fuss and the fog of officialdom.

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