Friday, August 29, 2008

Feast of Gaelic culture in Nairn kicks off next Friday night

Seo sanas naidheachd a fhuair mi an-diugh bho Dòmhnall a tha na bhall de chòisir gàidhlig Inbhir Narann. Sanas naidheachd beurla a-mhàin feumaidh mi a ràdh. ‘S e sin gan toirt gu teas meadhan na trioblaid – ‘s e sin ri ràdh mar as motha a dh’fhàsas uidh ann an cèol gàidhlig aig an fheadhainn aig nach eil facal gàidhlig ‘s ann as iomallaiche a bhios a’ chanain fhèin. Ach co-dhiù tha mi cinnteach gu bi deagh oidhche aig a h-uile duine a dh’aindeoin sin.

A festival to celebrate Highland culture kicks off in Nairn next weekend with a Celidh House in Nairn Community Centre.
The evening features Breabach one of the most talked about bands on the folkscene in Scotland today, entertainer Rona Lightfoot, and Nairn Gaelic Choir, who are organising the event in association with Blas 2008.
The festival was launched three years ago to create a festival to match the Celtic Colours festival in Cape Breton and has grown in popularity each year with new acts coming to the fore harnessing local talent with top bands and entertainers in a celebration of music and song.
“We are delighted to host this year’s ceilidh and are looking forward to a packed house at the centre on Friday,” said Nairn Gaelic Choir Chairman Iain Gordon.
“It’s a great opportunity for the choir to perform the two songs we have been rehearsing for this year’s Mod and with Breabach and Rona Lightfoot on the bill it’s sure to be a superb evening.
"We hope the public will also check out the splendid exhibtion we have created about Gaelic in Nairn at the library.”
Rona Lightfoot has been described as a ceilidh personified. She is a great piper a hugely talented singer raconteur with a great sense of humour.
Breabach have an exciting Celtic style blending double bagpipes, flute fiddle, song and Scottish stepdance in an exciting mix which has earned them international recognition.
Nairn Gaelic choir have regularly figured among the awards at the national and provincial mods and some of the proceeds from this event will help fund their trip to Falkirk.
The festival continues across the Highlands until September 13 but there will be another ceilidh on Friday 12th September at the Nairn Community Centre featuring the Donald Black Trio, duo Angus Lyon and Ruaridh Campbell on accordion and fiddle; Chrissie Crowley and Jason Roach on fiddle and piano who are one of the most captivating emerging acts on the Cape Breton scene and Inverness Gaelic singer Jenna Cumming

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