Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Construction News doesn't know where we are

Quite a lot of institutions don't know where we are maybe the Nairnshire Freedom Movement should do something about it? Morayshire, Inverness-Shire, Inverness, Moray and a few others end up on various pieces of mail coming to Gurn headquarters but one would expect the construction industry newspaper to know where we are? Maybe not. Here's how they picked up on the latest Tilda news:

'Donald Trump’s plans to build a £1 billion luxury golf resort in Aberdeenshire have met with hostility from a famous face - Oscar-winning actress Tilda Swinton.
Ms Swinton, who owns a property in Nairn, in the neighbouring county of Moray, has joined a 14,000-strong petition to back four residents who face eviction if the golf complex goes ahead.
More from Construction News here. Anyway well done Tilda, these days whenever you get a mention so does Nairn.


David Brownless said...

I think they picked that up from Teletext, who in turn no doubt picked it up from someone else.

This 'Nairn in Moray' tag is really starting to annoy me now. I'm off to investigate how you go about poking people with pointy sticks to get it put right .

I'll report back :)

Anonymous said...

Maybe things reverting to the way they used to be.Lets hope so.

David Brownless said...

reply from Royal Mail, regarding 'Morayshire'. Seems it's not them to blame..so ...the search continues

"Dear David

Thank you for your email

The county name does not form a part of the postal address as used by Royal Mail and indeed has not been part of the official postal address since 1996.

At this point Royal Mail intended to remove all counties from our database but many of our customers who use the database objected to this because it would make address matching more difficult . We therefore agreed to leave the existing postal counties on our database but give no undertaking that these would be maintained or updated and indeed they have not been updated since this time. However, all customers were informed that the county name was no longer required as part of the postal address provided the Post Town and a full, accurate Postcode was included.

As we have stressed for a number of years that the county information is not required for postal purposes and the database has not been amended during this time we would encourage external organisations not to use or rely on the county information. However, we have no control over how the external organisations use our database.

For Nairn we list the following:


Which means all organisations who buy our data have the choice of picking from three options: Former Postal, Traditional and Administrative. Some organisations may however, have a default listing, which means their IT department has made the system pick the Former Postal County only. It may also be that organisations buy the Postcode Address File (PAF) from a third party, or Valued Added Reseller-external companies who are licensed to sell PAF, who may also program the database to default to a particular record.
We have no control over that. All three of the county listings are made available by Royal Mail.

Having said all of that, as you can see we do not hold Morayshire in any form in connection with Nairn.

Kind regards

Laura Leonard
Address Maintenance Administrator"