Friday, October 30, 2009

Could it happen here?

An interesting article forwarded by a Gurnite:
'Blog sparks mass council walk-out - Councillors in a rural town have staged a mass resignation after becoming tired of criticism from a blogger.'
More information on the BBC site. And here's the blog that is to blame - Muck and Brass.


Anonymous said...

Very well written blog and highlights a lot of problems that seem to happen in Nairn. Why not call the problem "highland council" as it is. Everything must be centred in Inverness, and the feeling that Nairn is just a suburb of Inverness now. That's how I see Nairn being treated by Inverness Council.

Anonymous said...

Lots of people work for Highland Council and there are a lot of different departments.

The Maggot said...

Could this be the start of Blog Twinning?

Niall Connolly said...

It seems as if events in Somerton resonate the length and breadth of our island.

I hope that it will all prove worthwhile in the end but I suspect that the political establishment will outlaw lampooning.

Regards from a long way south of the border.