Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Wrong place for night club

Hi Gurn,

It might interest you and your readers that the proposal for a 350 person nightclub in the old Nairn County Social Club in Church Street is recommended for approval at Tuesday's Highland Council planning committee meeting in Inverness.

I only discovered this when I bumped into a photographer from the P&J in Church Street this morning.

The papers are available on the council website.

I'm sure Nairn would love a nightspot but Church Street is precisely the wrong place.

Jason Rose.
Not the ideal place is it Jason? It will be interesting to see if our four councillors back the residents of Church Street that oppose this application. In an ideal world where people were quieter on their way home and law and order issues could be guaranteed then it might have been a good idea. No matter how well sound-proofed the interior is the problem is what noise might the clientele make on their way home?

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dr-grigor said...

If you look at most towns and city's. nightclubs are located in the heart of the town/city. Nairn needs a nightclub and has done for years, not only for the locals but for our summer visitors too, I think no matter where the nightclub were situated there would be a number of objections to it ! lets welcome this project, but at the same time work with the appropriate authorities to make sure none of the concerns raised would be an issue....(I for one would love to see graisg dust of his saturday night fever suit and hit the dancefloor!)