Friday, October 30, 2009

Not just for Christmas?

Could Nickel and Dime be with us for at least 10 years? The details of the lease for the former Woollies building are now available on the Culverwell website.


Anonymous said...

That's an awful lot of Nickels and Dimes!

Anonymous said...

Yes but at the end of the day the lenght of trading will depend upon how many nickels & dimes it makes

Anonymous said...

Have you seen the Nickel & Dime in Inverness.... looks rather pathetic, wonder how long it will take the new Nairn one to look the same?

Graisg said...

No anon, haven't seen the Inverness operation. What makes a store pathetic of fantastic is all relative and down to personal taste.
From glimpses seen of the Nairn Nickers and Diamonds when the front door was open for deliveries it looks as though the shelves are stacked high and full of lots of goodies (à la Woolies). 'Just like woolies but Cheaper', says boss man Ali.
Gurnmesiter prediction: this store will be just as busy as Woolies ever was!