Sunday, October 18, 2009

Nairn County 2 Formartine 3

Like the plot from a disaster movie. Well not really all down to two individual errors including a missed penalty. Really sad to see these 3 points slip us by, we deserve to be higher up the league.
Anyway this game has inspired the Gurn to start a new weekly feature.
The visiting manager's 'Wee Swearie' league This week's award is 9 out of 10 to Formartine Utd.
It's a man's game yes but in this new millennium women and children can be seen at Station Park so please tone it down folks.
The 'Wee Swearie' league points award will be decided every Sunday after a home game by an expert panel of Nairn County Fans.


Anonymous said...

well done Nairn for snatching defeat from the jaws of victory, time for managerial change I think

Graisg said...

Anonymous calls for a resignation don't really count for much. If anyone wishes to come forward with their name etc most welcome but for now one anon on this subject is enough.

Sharpy for manager holly said...

I think that anon has summed it up and if he wants to remain anon then so be it. It is part of this site that gives you the option to remain anon. Anyway to solve this issue how about the Gurn puts a Poll on the site? I will circulate it amongst the Nairn fans and see what happens. Or is that a step to far for this site?

Graisg said...

Hi Holly we live in an imperfect world but what would that type of poll actually solve? Anyone with a PC could then have a vote on what Nairn fans supposedly think of their manager, the link to the poll would be up on the Caley forums and elsewhere in a flash.
The Gurn polls are more for fun than anything else.
The Manager has the backing of the board and really that is all that matters here. If you feel strongly enough about this issue all the internet facilities that the Gurn uses are available to anyone else to put up to such a poll or even a website or blog on the issue.
Some folk may not be happy with where we are in the league at the moment but let's remember for a moment that we are in the league and still in existence. Life isn't perfect but who wants to go back to Jumble sales in the social club? We couldn't anyway, it's closed now.
Just like this subject now closed.
Here's hoping for the right result and the fun of a massive occasion this Saturday when Elgin come to town in the Scottish Cup.