Saturday, October 03, 2009

Nickel and Dime now recruiting staff in Nairn

It really would be nice to see some friendly faces from the former Woolies working in there, anyway good to see jobs coming to Nairn High Street. Let's hope this new venture brings a bit of life back into this part of the town.


Unknown said...

Apply with what in writing? Am I missing a word here?

Anonymous said...

Well if its anything like their store in Inverness, the shelves will be half empty and what they do have on the shelves is cheap crap!
So dont get too excited.

Still i suppose its better than a shut shop or another charity shop!
I wonder why Forres only has one empty shop and a good array of independant retailers? Much better place to shop!

Anonymous said...

Although its going to fill an empty shop, I dont see why a cheap shop like this is going to enhance Nairn as a shopping centre, I have friends who have simply stopped shopping in Nairn and now shop through in Forres. The last comment made on here mentioned the independant shops in Forres and I totally agree that this is why Nairn trails its nearest neighbours !!
I was in an independant shop the other day in Forres and it sold Jewellery, Wool, Sweets, Bakery Items, Scottish Souvenirs, just like the old fashioned shops where it was a delight to shop and look for much needed gifts

Graisg said...

Have to admit Anon, Forres is a good shopping experience and a visit to Tesco and Lidl is perfectly complemented with a stroll up the High Street and maybe some mince and a pint with Dod and Willie in the Red Beastie?

Caspar said...

Not holding out much hope for it being a decent place to shop "Apply with in writing" - I assume they mean 'Apply within - in writing', i.e. drop off a CV?

Anonymous said...

there are more taxis than shops in nairn, what are the planning folk thinking about? what has nairn got charity shops/coop and taxis??? i will stick to shopping in other towns