Sunday, October 04, 2009

Just how much should Highland League referees have to put up with?

Deveronvale managment observe the game.
Rumour has it that Les Fridge is currently suspended from the dugout for 6 weeks after being reported by the referee following the match at Keith. If that is the case and the law is being zealously interpreted to the letter in the Highland league presumably Saturday's match officials (who had a good game incidently) will report the Deveronvale management team for their vociferous and extremely animated comments at the end of the game at Station Park. The Gurn has spoken to supporters who saw Nairn's Mike MacKintosh position himself between the Deveronvale management and the officials in an effort to calm things down as everyone headed for the tunnel. Will the officials consider the Deveronvale behaviour worthy of a report to the SFA? Management teams should set a standard for players and fans to follow and if they have serious points to raise with officials they should do it in the privacy of the dressing rooms and not make a spectacle of themselves on the field.
Update: this in from a regular at Station Park:
'It will be interesting to see if a report does go in about the conduct of the 'Vale officials. I have to say I left directly after the final whistle and didn't witness this confrontation. But heaven only knows what they had to complain about. I read Vale co-manager Scott Anderson's comments in today's P&J where he says: "I don't think we deserved to come away with just a point." he must have been at a different match from the rest of us because Nairn were well worth the draw and possibly even a win.
Nairn were much better in the second half and fought back well from 3-1 down. The only question on everyone's mind must be is why our top scorer Steve Mackay played most of this game at left back! He proved what damage he can do with the equaliser. Well done to the young lad Gillespie too. What a great second goal. '
The Vale fans seemed to go away with a similar attitude to the manager, towards the end one of them shouted: 'Come on it's only Nairn we're playing.' That's a dangerous attitude to come to Nairn with. Yes we can be accused of being inconsistent but on the day Nairn can give anyone a game.

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