Tuesday, October 13, 2009

'Chip and Professional' - It pays to advertise?

Delivered today in the Fishertown. Is the 'Chip and Professional' a deliberate subliminal technique to draw attention? Our Fishertown gurnite suggests it's a less than professional leaflet, is it just a ploy however to get people talking about their services?


Bill said...

Given the names of the two tradespeople mentioned it is probably simply a mistake in their use of English. And forgive me, but the tone of the criticism of the leaflet, bearing in mind these names, strikes me as borderline racist/xenophobic.


Graisg said...

This evening a visitor to Gurn headquarters had an updated leaflet in her back pocket. Chips are now off the menu.
'If they're any good, fuck it, give them a go,' was her opinion.

Bill said...

lol - whilst I wouldn't put it in quite the scatological terms your esteemed visitor did, I share the sentiment. Added to which I imagine that the two gents named are EU citizens so have just as much right to ply their trade as any other EU citizen. Frankly the quality of their English is neither here nor there, provided they do a decent job - the original criticism of their leaflet was, I repeat, borderline racist/xenophobic and it was not in any way funny.

buttercup said...

What's the problem with these Nairn lads plying their trade? The original posting, I think, was meant to be humorous regarding their use of the word 'professional' yet in the same sentence they made a major spelling mistake. Where's the racism/xenophobism in that?