Friday, October 23, 2009

Time for Sandy to take a piece to work?

'MORE than £350 of public money is being spent every working day on providing free food and drink for councillors and staff attending Highland Council meetings.' More on the Courier site:
The Gurn can reveal that Provost Liz believes it is time for councillors to pay their way. So when it comes to finding a spot at the mid-day trough it's time to get your wallets out folks!


nairnbairn said...

Astonishing that this is still happening when the Council is in deficit and making savage cuts, and when MPs (at least the Westminster ones) are being pilloried over expenses. Why should local councillors be different from other workers, public or private sector, who have to provide - or at least pay for - their own lunches?

And it is cynical and misleading for the Convener to try to justify this on the grounds that it is polite to offer visitors a cup of tea and a biscuit. So it is. Hospitality to guests and visitors is one thing (and is commendable). Free lunches and dinners for the councillors themselves at ratepayers' expense is however totally different (and unacceptable).

Graisg said...

To be fair to HC it seems they also have an argument that it is cheaper to provide food for councillors than to allow the claim for a meal as part of the expenses allowed under the rules.