Saturday, October 31, 2009

Former Petrol Station to become a community shop?

Will it be the community that cleans up the King Street dereliction and not the council? You'll have to go back to this thread and read the comments.


David Brownless said...

It certainly would be a step forward to see some , or preferably all of these empty buildings brought back into use.

The town centre needs more space for retail and the collection of unused buildings alongside the A96 could provide opportunities for both new and expanding businesses.

Along with others, I'll continue to press the Coop to do something , we may eventually get somewhere - it was still disappointing though to hear of their reluctance to grasp the nettle and press on with the proposed re-development of the town centre site. Even if Sainsburys are given the go ahead, the Coop could still have a well patronised, nice shiny new store, if they chose to build it.

Good to hear about the proposal for the filling station though. Every little bit helps ( that sounds somehow familiar :) )

Nairnac said...

Are the pumps and storage tanks going to be removed ?
That will cost a mint !