Monday, October 12, 2009

Social club application decision will be live on the web

Will Nairn County's former social club become a night club? There are eleven objections from nearby residents so a difficult decision looms for Nairn's councillors. According to the Council's website this committee meeting will be broadcast live. Here seems to be the page where it may appear. We've just tried to access the archived webcasts with no success, probably more to do with this clapped out Internet Exploder 7 browser than anything else, might try another browser later.


Bill said...

I've just watched several of the archived meetings - it seems to work fine in Firefox, which is what I use most of the time. Quality was pretty good, considering my broadband here in Spain is rated at 1 Mb.


Graisg said...

Hi Bill, I had a look in Opera which worked fine too. Highland Council deserve praise for this facility. I won't be able to watch the Social Club debate but it will be interesting to see later what our councillors said.

Anonymous said...

So what's new,? Nairn takes two steps back.The same old story.Let's
all hop on a bus to Inverness.