Thursday, October 01, 2009

Nae mince in Moray

Evidence that the language that is spoken the other side of Auldearn is still alive and kicking. As the description on the facebook group page Wir Ain Leid so succintly explains:

'The desperate plight of a Moray man who, unable to locate a sufficient quantity of minced beef for his evening meal, finally loses the plot and takes vengeance with his frenzied rap. Lyrics: Six in the ...'



Anonymous said...

Wonderful performance - and it's local culture too. Sign him up at once for next year's Nairn Book & Arts Festival!

Graisg said...

Yes anon, willing to second the motion.
It would be nice to give this outstanding talent a big subsidy too. Maybe he could be sponsored to do rap song for Nairn, I can just imagine him standing in front of the Regal explaining the communities frustration with Co-op, the council and even the HwLDP perhaps?

Anonymous said...

Gid tae see Nairn's nae the only place wi nae Mince.

Spelding said...

Even watching him without the sound is brilliant!

Anonymous said...

To pay his expenses from the South of France where he now (a)bides-loving Moray so much?-may be slightly too much