Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Midweek press review

The Nairnshire is full of some old chesnuts this week. An analysis of the latest situation with the co-op. 'Co-op' commits to Nairn...But?' is the banner headline. There's no secret about the 'but', quite a few folk feel they are hedging their bets to see which way the Scottish Government falls with the Sainsburys Public Inquiry result. The result should be due any day soon? Get hold of the Nairnshire to see the latest twists and turns, could Rosemary Machen-Young soon be climbing the exterior of the Regal with a pot of paint in one hand?
Concerns too over care of the elderly, Community Council boundaries and a double-barrelled broadside against the 'Incomprehensible 'Main Issues Report' and the Highland wide Local Development Plan. More interesting comment about that on the Nairn Matters blog. Lots more including an Obituary for Donald (Dan) Morrison.

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Graisg said...

Varnish - we'll allow the comment about painting nails if you give us your real identity.