Sunday, October 11, 2009

Cawdor Tavern gets reviewed

AA Gill in the Sunday Times. A quick tip, start the read half-way down from
'All of which has precious little to do with the Cawdor Tavern, except that I went there on a Sunday, for lunch. I have a middle-aged and middle-class prejudice about catered Sunday lunches. I think it’s the thin end of a wedge that leads to a year’s free interest on a three-piece leather suite, baseball caps worn in the house and a pitbull in the microwave....'


Anonymous said...

He's barred!

Bill said...

I've not eaten recently at Cawdor Tavern myself, because on my most recent visits (several years ago now) I thought it mediocre at best - basically I found the whole 'offering' pretentious and uninteresting. From comments I've had from friends who have been there much more recently I regret to say that A A Gill's comments do not surprise me in the least. Generally I find A A Gill a pendantic bore, but his review has the ring of authenticity in this instance.

Anonymous said...

'The roast of the day was like chewing the headmaster's elbow patches'

Was that part of the curriculum in AA's day?