Wednesday, October 07, 2009

The Future of Nairn - perhaps the most important public meeting in Nairn so far this millennium?

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Thursday 22nd October
7.30 p.m. Community Centre
Main Hall
'The town's three community councils are to hold a joint meeting, in an advert in the Nairnshire Telegraph they state:

'The future of Nairn for the next 30 years is about to be decided. The three Community Councils of River, Suburban and West invite all Nairnshire residents to a public meeting to consider the implications of the Highland Wide Development Pland and the Community Boundary Councils review. (followed by refreshments).'
It is significant that all Nairnshire residents are invited and it is excellent to see the three councils acting together, it bodes well for a future amalgamation. Meanwhile if you have been gurning about planning issues in the past then now is the time to get involved and get along to that meeting. Tell your friends and neighbours too. Together we can make a difference and ensure Nairn has the kind of future that its residents want and not one that others desire for us.
Meanwhile students of A96 over development issues may want to once again pop along to the APT blog and see the results of this group's latest research into how we got where we are now.
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