Wednesday, October 28, 2009

The Nairnshire Partnership and Ward forum tonight

Perhaps the easiest way to go over some of the subjects discussed tonight is to let Gurnites have a look at some of the correspondence that went out with the minutes. Members of the Partnership or interested citizens sometimes submit questions in advance.

Here's the answers that community watchdog Sheena Baker got to her detail requests for information about the Sandown Lands. Copies of the two page leter, here and here.
Joe Telfer submitted a letter about seagulls and got a response, page 1 & page 2.
What use is the Highland Council's eplanning service if you don't have a PC or, like up in Glenferness, no broadband connection. Sandy did mention that help may soon be at hand however on the broadband front as the Scottish Government wants the whole country to have availabilty as soon as possible.
We remarked earlier in the week about the omission of the Nairn by-Pass in the Highland Council Draft Transport Strategy, well Liz has put her name to a letter that should put that right. Seems a bit crazy since we now have a by-pass line but the right hand and the left hand and all that.

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A lot of really positive stuff here.