Sunday, October 25, 2009

The Council's Higland wide Development Plan again

Recently we reported on Thurday's joint community councils meeting. It seems however that not only are communities in the A96 corridor concerned that they will have to take so much development in the council's plan but other areas of the Highlands are demanding to know why they face being ignored as all the eggs go in the Inverness/Nairn basket. We'd like to draw your attention to a recent analysis posted on the APT blog. Closer to home Nairnbairn has contributed his latest tome (a comment on mynairn) on why we have to be vigilant if we wish to protect our community and its future and only allow development on our terms - 'a tough mountain to climb' according to Nairnbairn.

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Anonymous said...

Good to see Danny Alexander at the Nairn meeting. Isn't it about time the other political parties took an interest in the concerns of Nairnshire residents???