Thursday, October 29, 2009

When will the clock get sorted?

5 days into the new temporal regime and still the Courthouse clock thinks time is an hour ahead of what it really is. Who can accurately predict when Nairn will officially join the rest of the country in acknowledging the real time? I suppose it all adds to the excellent impression the passing motorist gets as they drive through Nairn, past all the run-down Co-op property portfolio with the wrong time visible behind all the dereliction.

Update: John Street saves Nairn's blushes. Our Queenspark correspondent reports that NNT (Normal Nairn Time) continues elsewhere in the town no matter how far behind the times the Courthouse is.


Anonymous said...

That's the way it seems to be in Nairn at the present time.All Tok,and
NO Tick.
But it does look as though, time is
running out.

Spelding said...

Obviously some high heidin in Inverness has to issue instructions to somebody in Dingwall or Kingussie to instruct someone in Nairn to get their backside up the shaky ladder to the clock. Maybe the instructions have been delayed in the post? Why shouldn't we have Nairn time? What's wrong with being in a different time zone?

Anonymous said...

They do say some folk in Nairn live in "Cloud Cuckoo Clock Land anyway.

Anonymous said...

Due to all the cut-backs they have decided not to bother,and will leave it till the clocks go forward in March.
They always say,time stands still in Nairn.

growtosow said...

time does stand still in nairn. maybe this has something too do with the other doctor WHO KNOWS time will tell but not at this rate. slow slow slow one speed is all we have got folks.