Friday, October 23, 2009

Mosstodloch and Fochabers to get a by-pass but what about Nairn? Is it even in the HC draft Transport Strategy?

The fifty year wait is over for two communities and the Scotsman has the details. The Government's Stewart Stevenson also commented:
'He said: "We are currently working with Highland Council reviewing proposals for dualling the A96 Inverness to Nairn, a Nairn bypass and a bypass on the east of Inverness linking the A9 to the A96. Work is also progressing well with Moray Council to review ways of addressing congestion in and around Elgin." '
Reviewing proposals fair enough. Back in consultation land, just when you'd thought you'd got to grips with the HwLDP, news brakes about another consultation. As usual the APT Blog is on the case and quotes the Transport Strategy:
"The A96 corridor between Inverness and Nairn is recognised as a growth corridor, with new development established in the last few years, as well as provision for substantial growth over forthcoming years, expecting to increase the population by 30,000 by 2037. Access to Inverness Airport is also along the A96 approximately nine miles east of Inverness."
Just a minute there how do the authors of the Transport Strategy know this, are they using the same figures as the HwDLP? That is an interesting point and worth commenting over at APT if you so wish. The reason we are gurning this Strategy tonight however is that a council insider told the Gurn earlier today that although this was a good report there seems to be no mention of a Nairn by-pass. Now the Gurnmeister has had a quick search of the document and has come up with nothing although Nairn gets mentioned several times. It's getting late and the tins of Pear Cider are kicking in (4.99 for four at Haddows - Kopparberg is the name) and perhaps our informant and ourselves are under a delusion - we may be wrong and we sometimes offer an imperfect service. So please fellow Gurnites, if you have the time go and browse this document and see if the by-pass gets a mention because if it doesn't, then as it is a draft we will all have to make submissions demanding so by Friday the 11th of December.

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