Thursday, August 05, 2010

Another UFO crash lands near Nairn

Smoke from the wreckage can be clearly seen on the eastern edge of town. (picture will enlarge)


Smokey Bear said...

Sky TV satellite van overheating outside Drumduan Farm?

spin cycle said...

Are the sofas at it again?

Anonymous said...

UFO Crash Lands ???

What a stupid and false leading headline.

Looks like the gurn has turned into the sun or daily star here.

Is there life on Nairn? said...

Oh dear Anon...

On the tin the Gurn says it's:

"Blogging from Nairn: Sometimes satirical, sometimes silly"

and "Another UFO crash lands near Nairn"fits neatly into that criteria

Perhaps you need to read the red tops less and the Gurn more :-)

heart burn said...

Tell the Truth Mr Gurn the wife burnt the supper again