Monday, August 30, 2010

Sandy moves fast to resolve town centre redevelopment crisis after Co-op fearties pull out

A press release from the Council:
'Nairn town centre redevelopment plans (30/08/10)

New plans to redevelop the town centre in Nairn will be presented to the local community soon. The blueprint from The Highland Council will take account of the Co-operative Group’s decision to abandon plans to expand their town centre supermarket on the King Street site. Instead the focus will be on attracting housing, retail and providing adequate public parking. It is intended that a Development Brief will be presented to the Council’s Planning Environmental and Development Committee on Wednesday 22 September.

If approved, the draft Brief will be discussed at a Ward Forum in Nairn in October and then it will be available for public comment over a minimum of four weeks. Following the Co-operative Group’s decision to refurbish their existing store on King Street rather than extend, the Council intends to meet with senior Co-op representatives later this week to discuss the future of their land holdings at the Regal Bar and the disused petrol filling station.
Convener Sandy Park said: “There is no hiding our disappointment at the Co-op’s decision not to expand. However, we must move on swiftly and present the local community with alternative options for developing the town centre.
“We will be asking the Co-op for their plans for the Regal Bar and the disused petrol filling station. At the same time, we will be finalising a Development Brief for the whole site, including our land holdings on King Street between the former Community Centre and the supermarket. The provision of public parking will be an essential part of the development brief. The listed building at 4-6 Court House Lane will be retained for Council office accommodation.'


yellow peril said...

I reckon the preferred route from the council will be to expand the car park and then charge us for using it
It would be a nice little earner, the alternative is a very large honesty box for the new community centre, or to cave in and allow a mega Sandown development

A thousand cuts - new Highland welcome said...

Well, at least there is some optimism from Sandy in that he wants to retain a Nairn building for Highland Council staff, here was me thinking there weren't going to be any left outwith Inverness?

On yer bike said...

"look disappointed"

I reckon I could do that job, how much does it pay these days?

burger flipper said...

'Sandy moves fast'