Thursday, August 19, 2010

New Poll - Your opinion of the streetscape so far

A new poll on the Gurn. We've heard a few complaints about the Streetscape and some praise too. There have been letters for and against in the Nairnshire but now you have your chance to vote in our unscientific poll in the side bar.
We'll be removing a couple of polls that are now closed from the sidebar soon (the Firhall Bridge and Lizgate) but we'll have a wee analysis of the findings before that.

1 comment:

Greg said...

People are unimpressed with the streetscape so far ? Quel surprise ! It's impossible to get a feel for how it will look once it's finished ... until it's finished ! Certainly the new road alignment should allow more space for pedestrians, especially those with young children, or with wheelchairs, and should also help to discourage through traffic - which is surely a good thing ? Now it's over to our High St traders to smarten up some of the shabby shop fronts or the whole effect will be lost. It's just a shame they didn't go the whole hog and pedestrianise from Church St to Leopold St. Never mind, maybe next time (in another 20 years). Hopefully Streetscape Phase 3 will remove the last few parking spaces on the right on Leopold St, so there's less congestion at the lights at peak times (i.e. the end of the school day - although how many people actually live in Nairn that are so far from the schools they couldn't walk or cycle is beyond me). And while we're at it, please can we get rid of those stupid chains at the bottom of the brae, I can't cross the road at the new drop kerbs any more !