Friday, August 20, 2010

Nairn Higland Games 2010 traffic jams prediction - so why not come early?

The Highland News reports:
'POLICE are advising motorists and pedestrians of increased traffic flow in the Nairn area tomorrow (Saturday) due to the Nairn Highland Games.' More here.
Why not come to Nairn early and have a browse of the shops, plenty of places to have your lunch too. Enjoy a stroll along the beach or the riverside walks before the games begin. The massed bands march down to the Links at 12.30.
Have a good one Gurnites and if you publish any pictures, videos etc online afterwards please let us know and we'll link to your images. Here's a couple of pictures from last year.

More pictures from 2009 here and here.


Early bird said...

Yes come early folks!

This year the games start at 9:30am with the Nairn Open Junior Piping Competition

Plenty to see before the Nairn pipe band at 12:30

James Main said...

Ive Posted My pics on my facebook, My first outing with my new camera :)

Graisg said...

Can you send us the www. link in another comment James, we'd be delighted to link all the Gurnites to your pics.

James Main said...

Never tried this before so hope it works...

Graisg said...

Thanks James nice pictures, link now up