Monday, August 30, 2010

Graham 'Sledgehammer' Marsden?

"The equally pressing priority for council officers is what the Co-op plan to do about the eye-sore which is the Regal Bar? Every time I go past , I want to take a sledge hammer to it - it can't go soon enough for me."
Cllr Graham Marsden quoted in the Nairnshire Telegraph of August 31, 2010. On you go Graham, show the lead and start knocking that pile of crap down, this observer will contribute a tenner to any fund to pay your fine should you be punished for such a public-spirited act. Better not do it on the day Rosemary is out painting however.
This week's paper also carries a hard-hitting editorial with Iain Bain making a suggestion for the town centre that many across Nairnshire and beyond will no doubt echo. He begins:
'Nairn's councillors are putting a brave face on it but there is little other way to describe the finale of the town centre renewal but as a failure.'
To read more about the Nairnshire editor's preferred solution start queuing at a Co-op or independent newsagent's near you now. One wonders if the Nairnshire will be on sale at Sainsbury's when the time comes?


James Main said...

isnt the regal a listed building anyway? being part of a certain artistic movement an all?

One sandwich short said...

I can just see it now, empty building vigilantes wandering around Nairn with sledge hammers and wrecking bars

Good job we have councillors who can step in and stop that kind of nonsense!

Has someone very much lost the plot this year?

Anonymous said...

Are there actually any listed buildings in Nairn? Everything seems to be up for grabs.