Tuesday, August 10, 2010

River Community Council to support Sports Bar (but with major reservations over the upstairs smoking area)

4-1 they agreed to support the planning application to convert the old NCFC social club into a sports bar. Strong concerns were expressed about the potential for noise from the part of the building (upstairs) that will have the roof removed and become an ‘external’ smoking area. There were worries expressed both from councillors and members of the public that still burning fag-ends, bottles and other objects (maybe the odd human being or two?) could be thrown from such an area. A representative from the architect’s was present and this observer thought he performed very well on some questions and poorly on others. It was a lively session and another example of democracy in action in our community, it was a shame a few more of those both for and against didn’t make the effort to turn up. The application has also been advertised in the Nairnshire this week and no doubt a full report of the River CC debate will appear in that august journal next Monday night/Tuesday morning. One nearby resident said, ‘I don’t care what goes in that building, they can put a brothel there if they like, it is the noise from the smoking area that bothers me!’


growtosow said...

i heard their would be a ban on bungee jumping chinese laterns know flying pigs or donkeys this is all down too health and safety measures and i am sure the last thing you want landing on your head is a flying pig or donkey. or might i add a deposit from salty while he flys about our town with his mates. and did someone say they were not bothered if they were making soup in it a nice bowl of lentil soup would go down a treat but then you would have the noise later. och ya canny win.

Madame Fiffi said...

The nearby resident stated that they were concerned about the noise from the upstairs room in Sports Bar where the patrons could have a smoke but
would not object to a brothel, this is a very good idea as the Clubs slogan could be after your
Sh-g you can have a Fag, personally speaking most of the noise would be caused by the whore moans.

specsavers said...

If we are all supposed to be sticking together to oppose planning that is deemed unsuitable how on earth did this community council manage to vote yes for this application?

It's a clear no, not a yes with any amount of reservations

Graisg said...

Why not go to the next River CC meeting and ask them?
This observer is concerned about the exterior smoking area but if the social club is going to be a pub again then, apart from perhaps from influencing changes in the plans, there really isn't much anyone can do about it,is there?
There are a steady stream of letters of support going in to the planning department which as we have said before will not be without an impact. These letters of support outnumber the objectors now but both points of view will have to be condidered by the powers that be.
Again make your own views known to the planning department and your elected representitives.
It's democracy, it's not perfect but you have to get involved if you want to influence decisions in Nairn.

I was there... said...

Perhaps if objectors had attended the meeting and put their points across there might have been a different outcome? Are they aware that they can go to the meetings and put their case forward?

The client's representative from Ashley Bartram, Mr Alister Mackie, attended and was put on the spot by both the Councillors and members of the public with a variety of questions being fired at him. He may not have answered them all to the satisfaction of the questioners but at least it was an opportunity to find out a bit more of what is intended within the proposal.