Thursday, August 26, 2010

No buses to West Life at Cawdor?

A few West Life fans have ended up on the Gurn after searching for information on buses to the concert. Most of them will perhaps be making their way from Inverness but it seems that there is no spare accomodation in the Highland Capital this weekend (P&J report here), such is the interest in the Cawdor concert that fans are being advised to try Nairn with all beds full in Inverness. It could bonanza time for the town's taxi services this Saturday as fans try and get up to Cawdor. Hopefully the roads will not be too crowded but some concerns have been expressed in the P&J:
'However some fans are upset that there is to be no public transport to the castle.
Angela Mackay, 45, of West Mackenzie Park, Inverness, predicted traffic jams on rural roads around the castle and said that buses should have been laid on.
Les Kidger, of promoter CK Events, said: “We are anticipating a fair crowd to come from 9am onwards.
“We have facilities set up for them and will be looking after them.”
UPDATE: more anger and concern at the lack of buses for the Westlife gig on the Highland News site - Westlife Castle gig buses blow fury


Rock on said...

Probably no buses so they can charge cars for parking - no daft

Graisg said...

Mr Kidger did say to the P&J that no bus companies had offered their services.

Blakey said...

I can understand bus companies not wanting to offer a service

Westlife fans have a terrible reputation for singing the bands songs so bus companies are probably thinking of health and safety and their drivers hearing being damaged, and then there is every chance that the fans fake tans might come off on the bus seats

I know if I was a bus company I wouldn't be very keen to offer a service

Butler No10 Route said...

From past experiences driving buses in the past I think as always Blakey has got it wrong, to transport Westlife fans would be a joy compared to drunken yobbos being abusive & urinating allover
you bus & singing abusive songs.
I would rather clean fake tan than
someones spewings anyday.
Enjoy the concert.