Saturday, August 21, 2010

Na Geamaichean Gaidhealach Inbhir Narann 2010 - Nairn Highland Games 2010

Sin na geamaichean seachadh - That's the games over but the partying continues. The massed bands marched back up the High Street at 1700. More pictures and hopefully video over the rest of the weekend.
Update: Picture of the Legion colours preparing for the parade (thanks to Murray MacRae for this image) In the picture are Peter Macinnes / Robbie Stuart / Ian Macgillvary / Les Seivewright
And a good selection of images of the games here on James Main's facebook pages.

Update: First video


Anonymous said...

Magic! Stirs the blood.

Lord Eilan Donan MacRath said...

I miss the good old days walking home from the games and walking up the highstreet and getting the smell of Yakapo Morgantis chip shop couldnt resist it walking home with a bag of chips happy as hell i bet there are few people who could make a few comments about this

My Man said...

As Lord Eilan Donan MacRath's chauffeur (retired) I can only say how infuriating it was when every games day he disappeared.

At least now I know where and I'm glad he enjoyed his chips.

Cook always wondered as to why he would never eat his tea on games day so two mysteries solved

Chip fat Henry said...

You couldn't beat a bag of Yak's chips and I was always surprised to see our Lords and Ladies queuing like the rest of us on games day for their fish suppers

One year in the queue Lady MacSween of Swain was telling me that she had managed to acquire a really good champagne vinegar and baltic sea salt especially for her chips

Apparently it was the one night of the year when the local nobility publicly allowed themselves to be seen eating such food

Jolly Good Show said...

As I used to valet the car for Lord Ellan Donan MacRath & after every games day there was always the aroma in The Roller of a mixture of pickled eggs, vinegar,
candy floss, Woodbines, Glenmorangie no wonder he always looked forward to his visit to Nairn & a wee go on Codonas Waltzer & visting the fortune tellers when he came home to the lodge after the games you never saw such a happier man

Anonymous said...

It was always at this time of year that Yac sold huge peaches and melons. When he parked his ice cream van by the band stand during the games you could buy a slice of melon. Nowadays peaches and melon can be bought any day of the year but back then they were a luxury and treat which were only available and in season for a few weeks.
Luckily, Yac's ice cream was available all year round!

Anonymous said...

There was another chip shop where the pet shop is in Harbour Street that I remember we used to get chips from on Games night. It was all part of the tradition, Showies then a bag of chips to eat on the way home.